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Pistin Rod with Piston

Piston rod is a connecting rod is an integral part of an engine. Piston rod connects the piston with the crankshaft of engine. Function of the piston rod is to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston to the rotating motion of the crankshaft. This piston rod which is often referred as the connecting rod or conrod acts like a lever arm that transmits compressive and tensile force from piton by rotating at both ends.

From the function of the piston as described above it is easily understandable that piston rods have to bear tremendous mechanical load and for that this part is needs to be sturdy enough to bear that strain continuously. It make it last long without breakdown it is important that piston rods are made with not only sturdy metals but it is processed in a way to give it some extra strength. In most cases steel, alloy steel and casting metals are preferred for making the piston rods. To make it further strong piston rods are given hard chrome plating.

Hard chrome plating is applied to the piston rods by the process of electroplating as that is the most effective way of surface coating. It is done to increase the hardness of the piston rod minimize wear and tear caused by continuous friction of metals within the piston. Hard chrome plated piston rods are also corrosion resistant that extends life of the component.

The hard chrome plating can be applied in various thickness ranging from 0.012mm to 0.63 mm and it can increase the hardness of the metal to a significant level of HV1100. If the operating temperature is maintained within the range of 50℃ to 65℃ hard chrome plating ensures no physical or mechanical damage to the base metal of piston rod. Another advantage of hard chrome plating is that it can be used on different base metals. Hard chrome plated piston rods are not only tough and sturdy but they have smooth surface and corrosion resistant that make it a preferable choice for piston rods.