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Mounting Plate

Mounting plates & brackets are fittings that are responsible for flawless performance of the hydraulic installations to a great extent. The mounting plates & brackets are used primarily to mount control valves directly to the hydraulic cylinders. Selection of right type of mounting plates & brackets for a hydraulic system depends mainly on the type of system and function of installations and type of mounting the system requires.

Centreline mounting – The most effective wat of supporting a cylinder is along centreline of the cylinder. The fixed mounting of the system absorbs intense force of the vibrations along centreline of cylinder. The symmetrical design of the centreline mounts uniformly distributes the thrust and tension force generated by piston rods. Another type of fixed mounting that is preferred by the designers is the centreline lug mount. This type of mounting prevents that cylinder from moving laterally.

Flange mounts – This type of mounts are also a type of fixed-centreline mount. This mounting type is best suited for straight-line and force transferring applications. There are three main types of flange mounts that are used – cap rectangular flange, head or cap square flange, and rectangular head flange. Best benefits of flange mounts can be get when mounting face is attached to a support member of any machine, in this type of arrangement stress on the flange is reduced by avoiding flexing and bending.

Pivot mounts – In pivot mounts force is absorbed through the centreline. This type of mounts are used in dynamic machines where the member of the hydraulic travels in through a curved path. There are two types of pivot mounts that ate mostly used for fittings and they are – clevis mounts and trunnion mounts.

According to the different types of the mounting of the hydraulic system, mounting plates and brackets are chosen. While designing the system, engineering with the help of the designing software chooses the perfect mounting type and customises mounting plates and brackets for perfect installation.