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Hydraulic Manifolds

A hydraulic manifold plays a pivotal part in any hydraulic system. It is used to control the flow of fluid within the hydraulic system. It is the component through which the operator can control how much fluid flows through the hydraulic system and at what speed and force. The hydraulic manifolds are designed to control the flow of fluid within different parts of the system as per the requirement. A manifold is basically a combination of assorted adaptors and valves of different sizes and specifications. The hydraulic manifolds are designed as per the necessity of the hydraulic system. For flawless design and configuration of hydraulic manifolds, there are number of state-of-the-art software that are used by engineers.

The advantages of hydraulic manifolds are many – it lets you control the flow of the pressurised fluid within the system with the help of the valves installed in the manifold. The hydraulic manifolds ensure reduced leak points, reduces space of the installation and saves assembly time. Moreover, it test points are installed at the key locations of the hydraulic manifold it makes it lot easier to find out the problems within a hydraulic system.

There are two types of hydraulic manifolds – one is the mono-block design and the other is the modular-block design. Mono-block hydraulic manifolds hold all the passages and valves for the whole system. They are either laminar or drilled metal block made of steel. On the other hand modular block have one or two valves and have interconnecting passages in the system. Generally similar modular blocks are interconnected to design a hydraulic system.

There are many factors that you need to consider while selecting the right hydraulic manifold for your system. Like the type of fluid to be used in the system, type of seal and number and types of adaptors that will be used, working pressure and possible highest pressure of the fluid within the system, material and finish of the system, electrical voltage that will be used to operate the system and environmental conditions in which the hydraulic system will be installed.

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