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Hydraulic Adapters

Most often hydraulic fittings are mistakenly mentioned as hydraulic adaptors – this is done not only by the common people but by some technicians as well. But the fact is hydraulic adaptor is not same as the hydraulic fittings. There are so many other components that are used as hydraulic fittings but hydraulic adaptors are specific component that are manufactured and used to join two or more than two threads. These threads are often different in forms and sizes from one another and the hydraulic adaptors are used to join them in the installation.

Why hydraulic adapters are useful: –

  • Maintaining the fluid strength – For any hydraulic installation it is very important that the force and strength of the fluid is maintained within the system. When a fluid is passing through a cylinder, piston or hose, there is less chance that the fluid pressure will fluctuate. Rather the weakest point of the hydraulic system is the connection points. To maintain the fluid force intact at these points hydraulic adaptors, play a pivotal role. Appropriate selection and proper installation of adaptor will ensure that the fluid strength is maintained throughout the system.
  • No leaking of fluid – Overtime every hydraulic system gets weak and the most affected areas of the system are the connectors that tends to loosen up a bit and gradually starts to leak fluid. This leakage can cause damage to the whole system and even can shut down the process if not taken care of at the right time. Proper installation and maintenance of the of hydraulic adaptor can ensure such problems do not occur with the system.
  • As there are variety of hydraulic adaptors available in the market based on the material, type of connections, type of thread, type of compression and seals – selecting the right adaptor can be a difficult task. Therefore, while selecting the hydraulic adaptor you need to consider some factors like application or system for which the adaptor will be used, type of fluid and pressure of fluid that needs to be maintained in the system and also materials of other components.