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Hardened Pin (Milled and Threaded)

When you are planning, designing and installing a hydraulic system, it is not only about the cylinders, pistons and valves that need to be taken care of. There are other aspects like the accessories that are equally important. If those components are not meticulously chosen and installed, overall performance and durability of the hydraulic system can get severely affected. That is why we need to select even the pins and bolts that are used for installation of a hydraulic system.

While selecting the components like the pins & bolts you need keep a number of factors in mind. The type of the cylinder and piston and type of mount is the most important aspect for selecting the accessories for hydraulic systems. Then you need to consider the material type of the cylinders and pistons. The type of metal that is used for making the integral parts of the hydraulic system should be identical or at least complementing the materials of the components like the pins and bolts.

If you are using hardened metals for the hydraulic system, it is always better to used hardened pins and bolts for the fittings. It not only complements the main parts of the system but also increases the durability of hydraulic installations. Hardened pins and bolts are made of steel and other metals that are then coated with hardening materials like chrome and others. The coatings are applied to the components through electroplating. The thickness of the coating depends on the requirement of the system and the installation type.

There are multifarious benefits of using electroplated hardened pins and bolts. Firstly, it increases the smoothness of the components that decreases the friction and reduces the wear and tear from regular and vigorous use of the hydraulic system. The hardened pins and bolts last longer than the usual metal pins and bolts and need fewer replacements over the time. As it electroplating increases the life span of the fittings it reduces maintenance costs. In short if you want a low maintenance and efficient hydraulic system – it is always better to opt for hardened pins and bolts.