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August 30, 2022


Cardan shafts are known to play an important role in the rolling mill process. Let us first understand what are cardan shafts and then we shall discuss the importance of the same.

What are Cardan shafts?

Cardan shafts refer to the drive shaft between the back axle and gearbox. It acts as a transmitter of power to the final drive at the front end of the rear and forward chassis. Also known by the name of driveshafts, they were originally used in the automotive industry. It comprises of a telescopic sleeve, two cross joints and a shaft tube. The telescopic sleeve helps in automatic adjustment of the distance change between the drive axle and transmission. In several high duty power transmission processes, certain types of cardan shafts are used for vibration damping, cushioning, and performance improvement of the shaft system.

Importance of cardan shafts in rolling mills

Cardan shafts are used for transmitting more torque and power even when the machine is running. However, Many people look for cardan shaft manufacturer for rolling mill due to the importance of this component in its processes.

  • Function: Cardan shafts are used for connecting different types of shafts, thus enabling them to rotate together and helping in achieving the transfer torque purpose. These shafts include driven shaft bearing and drive shaft bearing. There are some cardan shafts that perform the damping and buffering function too.
  • Materials: Cardan shafts are made from four main types of steel materials. These are : 45# steel, 40# chrome, 45# forged steel and cast iron.
  • Structure type: There are various types of cardan shafts that are available with cardan shaft manufacturer for rolling mill. These include across type, ball yoke type, ball cage type, ball pin type, tracts type and many others. Among all these, across type is the one that is most commonly used by industries.
  • Advantages: Using cardan shaft for power transmission has its own set of advantages that make them a popular choice. They have a good compensation capacity of the across angle. It has a tight structure with a high transmission capacity making it the preferred choice for high- capacity power transmissions too.
  • Choice: In order to make the right choice when visiting the cardan shaft manufacturer for the rolling mill, you need to understand and compare all the main factors that makeit the shaft. Some of the important factors that come into consideration are rotating speed, installation accuracy, loading and rotation stability.

Replacing old cardan shaft or getting a new one?

Cardan shafts need to chosen as per their required structure and model and the needs of the transmission system. Though they do not require much maintenance, the joint itself has the service life of around one year. During its usage, these need to be refueled regularly and any exceeding of the limit torque as specified by the product should be avoided. Prices of different cardan shafts at different cardan shaft manufacturers for the rolling mill are different. Replacing old cardan shafts is not a waste of money but an investment for better working of the machinery.

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