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October 8, 2021

What is Hydraulic Manifolds?

Hydraulic systems are installed and designed to do specific jobs and for that the fluid within the hydraulic system plays a crucial role. The power and force in which the fluid moves within the system actually controls the function of any hydraulic system. For controlling this flow of fluid, the operators utilise hydraulic manifolds to manipulate the pressure of the fluid within the system. These days hydraulic systems are designed with computerised designing tools that ensure that proper hydraulic manifolds are in place that are used by the operators to make the system work as it is meant to do and perform the tasks.

Basically, two types of hydraulic manifolds are used to design hydraulic system. The mono-block design is the simpler for of hydraulic manifolds. In this type of hydraulic manifold laminar or drilled metal blocks are used. These metal blocks are made of reinforced or hardened steel in most cases. Monoblock hydraulic manifolds are used to hold all the passages and valves for the entire hydraulic system. The other type of hydraulic manifold is the modular block. In modular block design more than one valves are used to design interconnecting passages within a hydraulic system. The modular block hydraulic manifolds are more complex and generally similar modular blocks are used in a particular system.

There are many advantages of having the hydraulic manifolds in a hydraulic system:-

  • The basic function of a hydraulic manifold is to let the operator control the pressure of hydraulic fluid when it moves around the system. It requires different pressures of the fluid at different parts of hydraulic system and operators can maintain that with help of hydraulic manifolds.
  • It is also important that pressure of the hydraulic fluid is consistent within the hydraulic system. As the fluid travels through different components of system and connection points it tends to lose the pressure and eventually hamper function of hydraulic system. It is through the hydraulic manifolds the fluid pressure can be maintained even in these situations.
  • Installation of the hydraulic manifolds also reduces the space of the assembly line and increase the efficiency of the systems.
  • If proper check points are installed with hydraulic manifolds, it becomes easier to identify leaking points and solve the problem in no time. With this mechanism in place, faults and leaks within a hydraulic system can be found during maintenance and it saves a lot of time.

Hydraulic manifolds are crucial parts of any hydraulic system and hence they should be installed and used diligently for flawless operation of hydraulic systems.

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