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February 11, 2022

What is Double Hardened EN19 Piston Rod?

The function of any piston rod is to receive thrust produced by the combustion engine and transmit that force to the crankshaft through connecting rod. Piston rod also act as a seal between the combustion engine and the crankshaft. This seal ensures that high pressure produced by the combustion is not directly transferred to crankshaft. Piston rod also guides the force to crankshaft in a controlled manner to produce linear motion as per the need of production.

  • To ensure that a piston rod functions properly there should be some qualities of the material of piston rod.
  • It should be rigid enough to handle high pressure. But the material of piston rod should be sturdy but lightweight to minimize the inertia forces so that the piston rod can attain higher engine speeds.
  • The piston rod needs to have smooth finish so that minimum noise is produced during warming up and operation of cylinder.
  • The material of the E19 piston rod needs to have good thermal conductivity so that heat generated during operation can be transferred.
  • The material of piston rod should be resistant to corrosion.
  • The piston rod should be of small size so that the size of the cylinder can be kept to minimum possible size.
  • The piston rod must be durable for longer operation life.

EN19 Hardened Piston Rod

As it is discussed above, steel or stainless steel cannot be a good choice for making piston rod. That is why hardened steel alloys like EN19 is chosen for making piston rod. EN19 steel alloy is an engineering steel with good ductility. The EN19 is a high tensile steel with high shock resistance capacity. This specific alloy has good wear resistance and it can be further case hardened as per the need of specific job. EN19 is a high-quality steel alloy that is a preferred material when it comes to piston rod.

To make the EN19 piston rod more efficient it can be double hardened with heat treatment technique like tampering and chromium plating. These techniques make the already ductile EN19 piston rod further hardened and these rods comes with smother finish. Double hardened EN19 piston rod are best choice for maximum output, minimum load failure and smooth operation.

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