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May 16, 2022

What is Double acting hydraulic cylinder?

Double acting hydraulic cylinder is the most common type of cylinders found in hydraulic systems. There are many reasons behind this but before we discuss the benefits of double acting hydraulic cylinder lets us see how these double acting hydraulic cylinders work.

How double acting hydraulic cylinder works – 

The basic principle of the fluid mechanics in a double acting hydraulic cylinder is that in this type of cylinder fluid acts at both sides of the piston within the cylinder. Therefore, no external force is required for operation of double acting hydraulic cylinder. In double acting hydraulic cylinders, there are two ports at both ends of cylinder for extraction as well retraction of the piston. The piston of the cylinder is attached to the shaft of the external part with a hole. Through this the piston is extracted and the fluid at other side of the piston automatically retracts the piton to the previous position. To prevent leakage of fluid from the cylinder a stuffing box is used with the cylinder.

Advantage of double acting hydraulic cylinder over other types – 

Double acting hydraulic cylinders can pump hydraulic fluid to both side of the plunger within the cylinder. That means you need not apply any external force for the extraction retraction process. This function saves on energy as well as makes the system faster. The connecting ports attached at both ends allows the piston rod of cylinder to move in forward and backward directions. The extra port of double acting hydraulic cylinder ensures more control over the operation of cylinder. The automatic retraction after extraction gives precise control as the retraction is done up to a fixed position. The faster and precise retraction of piston in double acting cylinder makes this cylinder a better choice when the job requires repeatable accuracy. So, if are looking for a cylinder that will let you generate force at both the ends with optimum control over the operation, you should always opt for a double acting hydraulic cylinder.

Where double acting hydraulic cylinder are primarily used – 

As we have already discussed, double acting hydraulic cylinders are used where precision is the key. The most common areas of use of double acting hydraulic cylinder are presses and punches and for placing things on the conveyor belts and taking them off the belt. In both the cases repetitive actions are required in high speed with greater precision. Other than that, double acting hydraulic cylinders are also used for opening and closing of automated gates and valves, in carwash systems and for operating dock doors. These cylinders are used for painting and powder coating objects. Apart from these regular jobs double acting hydraulic cylinders are also used for operating sophisticated medical equipment and even the state-of-the-art shuttle bay doors of the International Space Station are opened and closed with double acting hydraulic cylinder. So, it is evident that double acting hydraulic cylinders have multifarious usage in hydraulic systems in everyday usage as well as in sophisticated systems and that is primarily because of its high precision output.