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February 24, 2023


Used in several mobile applications like excavators, graders, dump trucks, backhoes and dozers, hydraulic cylinders are considered to be one of the most important components of the mechanic hydraulics industry. They are used for converting incompressible hydraulic fluid energy to work. A hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in India requires several different components require many components including:

  • Finished interior tube
  • Hard chrome plated piston rods for preventing the scoring and pitting
  • Ram and a piston
  • Two end caps
  • Oil seals

In addition to above given industrial applications, hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in India is also getting demands from industries using them in gym equipment, wheelchair lifts, and heavy machineries. It is their beneficial features that have increased its demand in several end use industries.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders come in different types and ranges. This differentiation depends upon their end use and application that also dictates the differentiation in design. Different types of best hydraulic cylinders in India vary in terms of components, temperature, wall thickness, procedure of connecting the end caps, and the operating pressure. Let us take a brief look at some of the most important types of hydraulic cylinders available at your nearest hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in India.

  • Single Acting Cylinders: These are known as single acting cylinder because the cylinders’ head end port works in only one direction. An example of this type is the hydraulic jack. In this, the piston rod gets extended as soon as the liquid is pumped into the cylinder barrel. To generate return operation, load string or external force is needed. These are further divided into two types- spring return and spring extend.
  • Double acting cylinders: The double acting cylinders are the ones with ports in rod and head end both making it easier to pump fluid. They control the liquid flow while encouraging its movement in both ways. They are mainly used in lowering and raising devices. Two categories of these available with hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in India are synchronous types and differential types
  • Tie Rod Cylinders: They are commonly used in the industrial and manufacturing applications. They use threaded steel rods for holding the end caps of the tie rod cylinders. These tie rod end caps are very useful for preventing any possible fluid leakages.
  • Welded rod cylinders: Welded rod cylinders have end caps connected directly to the barrel making the disassembling and assembling difficult. They are mainly used for mobile applications because of their compact construction, duty cycle and internal bearing lengths.
  • Telescopic Cylinders: These can be both single or double acting. With more than five tubings in every cylinder, each tubing nests in another with diameter becoming lesser and lesser on further stages.

Bottom Line

The demand for hydraulic cylinders is rising because they are increasingly being used in more and more industries. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in India offers customizations as per the customer demands. Though they are highly efficient, their efficiency is on an upward rise in the coming years due to the constant technological advancements that are constantly happening in the field of machines.