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November 3, 2022

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders For Consideration, manufacturers

There are several different types of hydraulic cylinders available in the market that you could choose for your application. Every choice has its own advantages and disadvantages. When visiting the hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, choice should be done according to the application.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

There are four different types of hydraulic cylinders that are available with the hydraulic cylinder manufacturers:

  1. Single Acting Cylinders: In this cylinder, the piston force gets applied from a single direction. When the cylinder contracts at the head end, the working stroke gets pushed outward. This is the reason it is alternatively also known as push cylinder. Since force is being applied from just one direction, the return stroke is completely dependent on the internal spring mechanism of piston shaft or the external motor.
  • Double Acting Cylinders: These are the cylinders in which the force is applied from two directions. The cylinder is first divided into two different pressurised chambers that help the piston rod to achieve both the inward and outward strokes with its own power. The mechanical energy produced is then transferred to the surface of the piston with the help of a special hydraulic fluid. There are further four different types of double acting cylinders available with hydraulic cylinder manufacturers:
    • The standard double acting hydraulic cylinder which has single piston and force is being exerted from in one direction. They are commonly used in applications like closing or opening doors, raising arms and many more.
    • Double rod or non- differential cylinders: These cylinders have two rods, each attached to different sides of the piston. Inward stroke of one equals the outward stroke of another. Thus by alternating the pressure between the two chambers, the hydraulic cylinder exerts an oscillating back and forth motion.
    • Balanced hydraulic cylinders are the ones which have two equal compression chambers exerting the same amount of force in both directions. This is completely opposite to the unbalanced hydraulic cylinders available with the hydraulic cylinder manufacturers which have different size or pressure chambers.
    • Cushioned hydraulic cylinders are the ones the have a limiting device at the head for reducing the excess load during the outward stroke

These cylinders are quite cheap and easy to manufacture. This is the reason that they are widely used in manufacturing equipment, construction plants and vehicles.

  • Tandem Hydraulic Manufacturers: These consist of two separate cylinder barrels connected with the help of a single rod attached to the piston head of each barrel. When one cylinder is pressurised, the rod enters pushes the piston surface by entering the base end of the attached cylinder, thus amplifying and transmitting the force. Tandem cylinders help in the amplifying the force of small cylinders while also conserving the energy within the system.
  • Telescopic Cylinder: These cylinders consist of several individual cylinders nested together according to their decreasing size. Anything up to six stages is quite common. They are mainly used in long reach equipment like crane lifts and digger arms. They are mainly single acting cylinders utilizing a spring mechanism for the return stroke.

There is a wide range of hydraulic cylinders that are available at your nearest hydraulic cylinder manufacturers. Choose the right one widely as per your application and usage of the same.