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January 14, 2023

Triple Crowned Gear Coupling 6 cm Manufacturers


Gear couplings are designed to handle motion functions that most of the other coupling types are unable to do. They are also used in systems that require modifications and de rating for functioning. In addition to this, they can also be modified for shear pin service, vertical applications, floating shaft type, electrical isolation and limited end float while also allowing addition of a brake drum or a disc.

Triple crowned gear couplings 6cm are used for allowing adjustment of minor misalignments like installation errors as well as changes in the shaft alignment due to operating conditions. These couplings are further provided with crowning due to the high speed and accuracy demanded from them.

Working of triple crowned gear couplings 6cm

The meshing of gear teeth in gear couplings is used for transmission of torque and provide misalignment. The external gear teeth is cut on the hub circumference. The misalignment capability of a gear coupling is due to the backlash in the teeth, major diameter fit and crowning of the tooth surface. The backlash involves looseness of fit resulting from the gear teeth being narrower than the teeth gaps. In addition to helping with the misalignment capabilities, this backlash helps in providing space for the lubricant. The loose fit helps in providing misalignment capability by allowing the sleeve in shifting off axis without binding against the hub teeth.

Curving the surface of the hub teeth or crowning, as it is popularly known as, helps in enhancing the capabilities of the gear couplings. This crowning may range from flank crowns, tip crowns and chamfers on the sharper edges. Not only this, it also helps in improving the tooth life due to the broadening of the contact area along the pitch line. This reduces the pressure of the torque forces. Not only this, it also helps in preventing the sharp squared edges of coupling tooth from digging and locking the coupling. In order to maintain a greater contact area between the teeth during misalignment as compared to the standard crowning, triple crowned gear couplings are used for variation in the curvature radius along the tooth flank. It also helps in reducing the wear and tear stresses. The triple crowned gear couplings have crowning applied only to the hub teeth with the sleeve teeth are kept straight except for the chamfer located on the minor diameter edge.


Gear couplings are power intensive. This means that more torque is transmitted per coupling space and mass as compared to other coupling types. This results in a relatively smaller size of the coupling that allows for the addition of more attachments without causing it to grow in proportion. There are several opportunities available in the market in terms of more capabilities and increased torque capacity. However, this requirement is often due to the need for an increased coupling life. Gear couplings are also power intensive thus resulting in transmission of more torque per coupling space and mass consumed than other types.  Depending upon the industry where the couplings are being employed, customers may also request more design varieties such as triple crowned gear couplings and many others.