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May 27, 2022

Threaded Pins Manufacturer in India

Industrial pins are used for multiple purposes. They are mainly used for binding two hardware components together, align two components with each other, mount a component on another hardware, penetrate two pieces. In a word pins industrial pins are most used accessory in assembling a system. Depending on the type of use and dimension of the components there are different categories of industrial pins like locating and fixturing pins that are used for mounting, hitch and linch pins that are used for coupling two mating components, cotter pins are used to bind components within an assembly and there are specialty pins that are designed and used for specific purpose in a system. Top of the line threaded pins manufacturer in India produce all types of industrial pins as per your requirement and design specifications. Manufacturers like Aariv Precision produce high quality industrial pins – both milled and threaded pins.

Mostly threaded Pins are used for assembling two components where they are meant to support a load during operations and otherwise. Threaded pins typically function as a fastener of those two components. Threaded pins ensure that these components are not misplaced or misaligned while the machine is operational. The capacity of the threaded pins are most crucial factor while you are working on a design. depending on the load and type of operations threaded pins needs to be chosen. The dimension of the pins as well as dimension of the tread should be proper to ensure load bearing capacity of the components that the pins will be holding.

There is certain industry standard for reducing the threaded pins. For forming the thread on or within a workpiece, a die with the required thread profile that is made of hardened steel is applied on the revolving workpiece where the thread needs to be engraved. When the workpiece revolved applied force is gradually increased so that the thread profile on the die is transferred to the workpiece and that is how a perfect thread pin is produced. Threaded pins are always stranger and tougher than the pins that are grounded or cut out of metal.

At Aariv Precision, a leading threaded pins manufacturer in India, we have in house capacity to produce threaded Pins. For manufacturing the threaded pins we top of the line materials like MS, EN19, EN8, EN3A, 16MnCr5 and 20MnCr5. We also do CNC Turning and VMC milling at of in-house facility.

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