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November 8, 2021

Single Hydraulic Cylinder

There are many types of cylinders that are used in hydraulic systems and single acting cylinder is the simplest form of cylinder in terms of design and functioning. In a single-acting cylinder fluid within the cylinder acts on one side of the piston. When fluid within the cylinder pushes piston from one side it extends the shaft attached to cylinder. The electrically powered pump that is attached to the cylinder forces fluid through hoses to enter the cylinder. This mechanism within single acting cylinder extends the rod or shaft for completing the job, but for retraction of the piston to its original position, it requires an external force to be applied. In most cases, it is the gravitational force that retracts the piston to the reset position. While doing so the hydraulic fluid is pushed back to the reservoir. Some single acting cylinders also are fitted with springs to complete the retraction process.

There are mainly two types of single acting cylinders – push-type cylinders and another is pull-type cylinder. In push type cylinders air is forced into the cylinder to push the piston out of the cylinder and in the case of pull-type cylinders air is used to pull a piston inside the cylinder. Single acting cylinders are especially beneficial if you use cylinder for your jobs that require linear motion in most cases, like clamping, puncing and positioning. This type of cylinder is also good for jobs that require repeatative functions. But if your job requires complex operations you need to consider double-acting cylinders for better performance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Acting Cylinder

  • Advantages of Single Acting Cylinder : The most prominent advantage of using single acting cylinders is that it is easy to install, and these cylinders cost less and the maintenance cost is also minimum. The simple design of this cylinder makes the installation process easier and requires a small installation area. The cost of accessories like valve and hoses are also less in comparison to other types of cylinders. So, if you need simple tasks to perform it is better to install single acting hydraulic cylinders.
  • Disadvantages of Single Acting Cylinder – Single acting cylinders cannot be used for complex operations. Compressed air that is used in single acting hydraulic cylinders require proper preparation and maintenance. The spring of the hydraulic system takes too much space that reduces working area of cylinder. With repeated use and after prolong service springs and pistons lose its consistency and requires replacement.