May 16, 2022


A roller or a roller chain that is also referred as bush roller chain is the most widely used method of transmitting mechanical power from one part of the machine to the other. In most cases the power that is generated by the engine in transmitted by rollers to the cylinders, shafts and other parts of a system. The roller chains are widely used in domestic as well as industrial machineries. The rollers are used in conveyor belts, printing presses, automobiles and even in agricultural machines. In a roller chain cylindrical rollers are held together with side links. The links are fixed with the rollers in such a way that it does not hinder the flexibility of the chain when it is moved by the sprocket – that is the teethed wheel through which the roller chain passes. The circular motion of the sprocket keeps the roller moving. While power generated by an engine moves the wheel, roller chain transmits that power or force to another part.

When it comes to roller chains you have wide variety of materials to choose from. The most common material for roller chain is of course metal. Steel, hardened steel and stainless steel are predominantly used in making rollers. Then of course nylon, acetal plastic and polypropylene are also being used for making roller chains. The most advanced and durable option is of course the combination of plastic and metal. There are many factors that determine the choice of material for rollers. Design of the system, transmission power and force, environment of the system, cost and other conditions are to be considered for making the right choice for the material of the rollers.

For proper maintenance of the rollers, lubrication and regular checks for wear and tear are the two factors that need to be taken care of. Whether roller chain is maintained in an open space or a closed box, lubrication should be checked on a regular basis, as that is the key for reduction the wear of rollers. Regular maintenance will not only increase the durability of the rollers it will also ensure sudden breakdown of the system.