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February 24, 2023


Every machine and equipment is made up of three main parts- the moving part, the working mechanism and the transmission. It is the coupling that holds them together. One of the most challenging machinery alignment tasks even for the best cardan shaft manufacturer is the alignment of cardan shaft. The equipment is named after the famous 16th century Italian poly mathematician Gerolamo Cardano. He was responsible for inventing it with several other machine mechanisms that are today indispensable in the industries. Used widely is several industries, cardan shafts are mainly used in applications where there is limited space.

Cardan shafts are actually couplings only available with best cardan shaft manufacturer in India. They are used for accommodating vertical or horizontal offset between a driving and a driven shaft. These are most commonly the gearbox and a motor. Cardan shaft acts like a input shaft to the gearbox as compared to the slower gearbox output shaft.

Angular misalignment increases the strain on the bearings and joints, leading the cardan shaft to be destroyed or damaged. It can also cause an increase in the vibration, thus causing uneven rotation during its operation while also shortening the asset life.

How to Make In Situ Alignment

One of the usual methods that the best cardan shaft manufacturers follow regarding the alignment of these assets is taking the cardan shaft out for alignment. This involves dismantling and removal of the cardan shaft. This process is often quite time consuming and cumbersome, sometimes even requiring a crane or a hoist. With adaptive alignment process, one can perform the measurements with cardan shaft in its place by just using a special design rotating arm bracket fixture. This new innovation is known as in situ cardan shaft alignment. Since there is no removal of the shaft, it is easier to obtain the measurements and no lengthy downtime is required.

Usually, cardan shafts exist in quite tight spaces. This can prove to be a challenging task in terms of navigation as and when standard alignment procedures are used. However, when the new age adaptive alignment in situ cardan shaft measurement is done, these tight spaces cease to be a problem.

There are two specific features of adaptive alignment that make handling the tight spaces easier:

  • Active situational intelligence (ASI)
  • Single laser technology

Not only do these features make this procedure an easier task for the cardan shaft maintenance, it also helps in increasing the accuracy and speed of the measurement. It is these measurements that need to precise and reliable.  The level of accuracy is estimated to be a hundredth of a millimeter. The successful alignment of a cardan shaft requires a high level of precision that can only be achieved with the help of single laser technology usage. Not only the measurement, determination of the parallelism of two shafts that are connected by a cardan shaft has become quicker and easier for the best cardan shaft manufacturers with the help of adaptive alignment.