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November 28, 2021

Hydraulic Distribution Block

Hydraulic distribution block is also known as manifold blocks or valve blocks. Hydraulic distribution blocks are used as junction boxes that connect different components of a hydraulic system. The basic function of hydraulic distribution block is to regulate flow of fluid within the hydraulic system. Mainly hydraulic distribution blocks are used to connect the pumps and actuators of hydraulic systems. Design of the hydraulic distribution blocks lets the operator to monitor flow of fluid through different components of the system and also control fluid flow.

The primary factor that determines design of a hydraulic distribution block is function of the hydraulic system. The job that is being done by the system is the key factor for designing hydraulic distribution blocks. The type of engines, cylinders, actuators, hoses all these are considered while designing the distribution blocks. Another factor, which is related with the type of work, is the requirement of fluid force at different level within the system – also come into play when hydraulic distribution blocks are designed for hydraulic system. This is because it is through these hydraulic distribution valves the operator will actually control fluid flow direction and of course the pressure of fluid.

There are mainly two types of hydraulic distribution blocks that are used in hydraulic systems – the mono block design and the modular block. As the names indicate – mono block design comprises of only one distribution block and the design of these blocks are simpler in comparison to modular designs. The modular designs are little complex where more than one mono blocks are used to design the modular block. It is capable of handling the fluid in more directions giving more manoeuvring capacity to the operator of hydraulic system. All said and done there are plenty of options when it comes to shape, size and design of hydraulic distribution block. It is as per the requirement of internal fluid mechanics that will help you to choose the right distribution block for your system. The materials used in hydraulic system and fluid that is used in system also play a pivotal role in selection of hydraulic distribution block.

Whatever is the scenario or requirement of hydraulic systems, engineers these days use cutting edge computers and designing algorithms to design hydraulic systems.Similarlyhydraulic distribution blocks that are integral part of any system are designed by engineers with the help of computer aided design and 3D printing machines for flawless system design.

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