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February 12, 2022

How to choose a hydraulic manifold block manufacturers?

Choose a Hydraulic Manifold Block Manufacturers

Hydraulic manifold is a significant component of any hydraulic system that is used to control the flow of fluid within hydraulic system. It is important to control the speed and force of fluid within hydraulic system to achieve the optimum result from the system. By hydraulic manifold fluid pressure is maintained during the operation. When the pressurized fluid flows through the pumps and actuators it is the manifolds that control the flow of fluid and maintain the pressure. A hydraulic manifold is made up of assortment of hydraulic valves. The composition and position of valves is designed according to the need of hydraulic system. There are many factors that are required to considered while choosing hydraulic manifold for a hydraulic system.

Fluid type – The type of fluid that is used in the hydraulic system is crucial as the technique required for maintaining the fluid pressure will be different for specific type of fluids. It is also important to consider whether the material used for making the manifold does not cause any chemical reaction with the fluid used in the hydraulic system.

Seal materials – Similarly the materials used for sealing the joints needs to keep in mind while designing the manifolds.

Material and finish – Depending on the material used for the hydraulic manifold and type of finish for manifold the design and composition of the valves have to be chosen.

Environmental conditions and temperatures – The environment in which the hydraulic system will be installed and the operating temperature and environmental heat has to be taken into consideration while selecting the material of the hydraulic manifold.

Pressure – The required pressure that needs to be maintained in the hydraulic system is the most crucial part of choosing a hydraulic manifold design. Whether you need a mono block manifold or a modular hydraulic manifold is decided mainly on the basis of the required pressure of hydraulic fluid.

Duty cycle – For how long the hydraulic system will function is another factor that decides the appropriate type of hydraulic manifold.

Apart from these factors size of ports in hydraulic system, types and locations of valves are also crucial for choosing hydraulic manifolds. Another vital thing that is required to choose the right hydraulic manifold is the type and location of mounting the hydraulic system. If all these factors are meticulously evaluated only then you can select the right hydraulic manifold for your system.

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