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February 9, 2022

Guide Bush Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Guide Bush for the Hydraulic Cylinder plays a key function within the cylinder of hydraulic systems. It guides the piston rod coaxially within the cylinder. In this way the guiding bush lets the piston rod transfer the oblique force in relation to axis of the cylinder. While transferring oblique force the hydraulic guide bush also enables the piston rod compensate for the force. When a cylinder is mounted on a flange or it is fitted on feet, it generates force that is perpendicular to the axis of a cylinder. This force actually seizes the piston rod in the hydraulic guide bush. The design of hydraulic guide bush ensures that the bearing sleeves, piston rod and guiding rings are seated properly when the cylinder is extracting and retracting.

There are may factors that need to be considered when a hydraulic guide bush is selected for a cylinder. The type of the cylinder, force it requires to handle, alignment of the piston rod, type of hydraulic fluid to be used – all these come into play when selecting the type of hydraulic guide bush that is suitable for the system. Then comes other factors like diameter of the cylinder and dimensions of the piston rod that needs to be calculated for choosing the perfect guide bush for the system. Usually, hydraulic guide bushes are mounted in cylinders in such a way that it can slide suitably. The bushes are attached to the cylinder by flanges with mechanical protection.

There are different types of hydraulic guide bush that are used in the cylinders of hydraulic systems. In case of cylinder guide bush the flange of the bush forms face of cylinder when it is seated. Again, in case of guide bush without a flange a separate cover is to be used for closing the cylinder. The threaded hydraulic guide bushes are fixed to the cylinder with screws. These are some types of hydraulic guide bushes that are used in cylinders. The right type of bush is selected on the basis of the factors that we have already discussed.

The hydraulic guide bushes are usually made with mild steel. The cases of the hydraulic guide bushes are made with medium carbon steel which is a hardened metal than regular steel. This is done to use the hardened casing protect the bushes from regular wear and tear from the continuous movement of the piston rod. As the hydraulic guide bush is an important part of hydraulic cylinders, they need to be inspected at regular intervals to prevent sudden breakdown of the system.

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