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October 8, 2021

Gear Couplings for High Powers and Speeds

Gear coupling is a mechanical component that couples two shafts to exchange the movements from one shaft to another. The most common example of gear coupling is automobile where the shaft attached with the engine transmits power to the rear axle that moves the car forward or backward. Not only that, a gear coupling also ensures to transmit the exact speed at which a driver wants the vehicle to move. It may sound strange but this misalignment is the key for operation of the gear and this alignment is done according to the requirement. There are many types of gear coupling that we see in the systems and all of them are designed to get high power and speed with applying minimum force. Rather the main objective of gear coupling is to get controlled output of power at a desired trajectory with application or utilising least possible force.

Full Gear Couplings – This is type of gear coupling is mostly used in industrial appliances. The engagement of this gear coupling is generally made of forged steel and the large end of float capability can manage both parallel and angular shaft misalignment.

Half Gear Half Rigid Couplings – The Half Gear Couplings have a flexible and a rigid half. The flexible half has an external sleeve and an inner hub. The rigid half comprises of a flanged hub.

Rigid Couplings – Rigid gear couplings is the simplest form of gear coupling and this type of coupling is used to connect aligned shaft. In fact, rigid couplings are preferred when a precise shaft alignment is required.

Flanged gear couplings – In this type of gear coupling perpendicular flanges surround a short sleeve. The sleeves are placed in such an arrangement that two flange face one another. These flanges are held with screws and bolts.

The main purpose of the gear coupling is to transmit the very high torque that is generated by the engines to attached shafts. The gear couplings are designed to control high torque of the engine in a controlled manner. The basic function or mechanism of the gear mainly depends on the type and performance of gear couplings. The completely assembled gear with shafts and gear coupling perform the vital task of transmitting power. This transmission is done by the arrangement of gear coupling. The speed and direction of shaft movement is controlled by gear. To achieve higher power and speed gear couplings play a major role.

As far as maintenance of gear coupling is concerned lubrication of the gear is key factor. Proper lubrication reduces the friction between the teeth of the gear as they slide against each other. The high value of friction within the gear makes regular wear and tear in the gear teeth and lubrication can minimize these losses. Generally, it is recommended that the lubrication fluid is changed every twelve months but that frequency depends on the type of gear coupling and its usage. Regular inspection to maintain the proper lubrication level will significantly increase the life of the gears.

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