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August 7, 2022

Forged Flanges- Types and Specifications

Forged flanges are important connection components used within pipes, pumps, valves and other equipment so as to form a pipework system. Forged steel flanges have a higher performance and precision index than other cast flanges. It is because of this that people often wonder “how to look for forged flanges manufacturers and suppliers near me”. It is also widely used in different industries for equipment involved in high pressure and high temperature environment.


Forged flanges are plate shaped devices mostly circular in appearance. They are attached to the pipe ends, valves, fittings or any other objects used for facilitating dis assembly and assembly of the piping system. They provide an easy access for the cleaning, modification, inspection or repairing. These forged flanges are welded or screwed into the pipes and then joined with the help of bolts so as to make the connection.

Types of Forged flanges

Forged flanges can be made from three different types of materials- carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel. However, there are several different types of forged flanges that I can get from forged flanges manufacturers & suppliers near me:

  • Weld Neck Ring Flange: Weld neck forged flange are the ones that are circumferentially welded at the neck which helps in the easy examination of the butt welded area with the help of radiology. The bores of the flange and pipe match, thus reducing the erosion and turbulence in the pipeline. It is thus highly recommended in case of critical applications.
  • Slip On Ring Flange: These are the forged flanges that are fitted on the pipe and then fillet welded. They are mainly used in fabricated applications.
  • Blind Ring Flange: Blind ring forged flanges are mainly used for blanking off valves, pipelines and pumps. They are also used as inspection covers. It is because of this use that they are also known by the name of blanking flange.
  • Socket Weld Ring Flange: Socket weld ring forged flange are mostly counter bored into the pipe before it is fillet welded. Both the flange and the pipe has the same bore so as to provide good flow characteristics to the pipeline.
  • Threaded ring flange: Threaded ring flanges are often known by the name of screwed ring flanges too depending upon its application. They are mainly used for connecting other threaded components in different non critical and low pressure applications. They do not require any welding.
  • Lap Joint Ring Flange: Lap joint flanges are mainly used with a taft or stub end, both of which are butt welded to the pipe. This keeps the flange loose behind and the taft or stub end becomes the face. They are used in low pressure applications due to its easy alignment and assembly process. If you are looking to reduce costs, you can also get these flanges delivered without a hub by forged flanges manufacturers & suppliers near me.
  • Ring Type Joint Flanges: These flanges are used for ensuring leak proof connections at high pressure areas. In this, metal ring is compressed into the hexagonal groove on the flange face so as to make the seal.

While purchasing forged flanges for your piping requirements, always remember to buy one that corresponds to the ASME, ANSI and ASTM specifications.

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