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August 13, 2022

Flexible Gear Coupling Manufacturers

Flexible Gear Coupling are a crucial part of machine designed to deliver high torques. There are several different types of gear couplings available with flexible gear couplings manufacturers and suppliers near me but let us first understand what gear couplings really are.

Couplings can be termed as a power transmitter used as connecting components between two shafts. In order to choose the right one from the coupling type collection, one needs to keep several factors in mind such as amount of power that needs to be transferred, the complexity of the required connectivity and the operation field. Gear couplings are chosen where flexible couplings are required for relaying extremely high torques.

What are Flexible Gear Coupling?

Flexible Gear couplings are the form of couplings used in high power, high torque applications. They can tolerate more torque than other universal joints. These couplings are made of two hubs with internal and external teeth along with a one and two piece sleeve. Sometimes, these couplings are used in spacer shaft pairs for bridging the gap between driven and driving machinery. Though they mostly require lubricant, there are some that are designed for light duty lubricant free polymers or nylons for the center sleeve.

Types of Gear couplings

There are many different types of gear couplings that can be bought from gear couplings manufacturers and suppliers near me for different kinds of machines.

  • Full Flexible Gear Coupling: These are the regular series 100 complete double engagement forged steel gear couplings that are used in most of the industrial processes. They have a large end float capability used for compensating both parallel shaft misalignment and angular misalignment.

  • Half Gear Half Rigid Gear Couplings: These are the series 100 half gear couplings that are made of rigid and flexible halves. The rigid half is flanged hub while the open half is the regular half coupling with an inner hub and an outer sleeve.

  • Rigid Couplings: These are the type of couplings used for connecting aligned shafts. These are the simplest kind of couplings available with the gear couplings manufacturers and suppliers near me. They are mainly used in places where an exact shaft alignment is required. Any misalignment of the gear coupling in the shaft can affect the existence as well as its performance.

  • Floating Shaft Assemblies: These gear couplings are used in long distance shaft connections. For example, there is an engine that has to power a fam from 15 feet away but there is no place for installation of connecting shaft supports, floating shaft gear couplings act as the solution.

  • Slide couplings: These are the gear couplings used in the places where axial movement is needed and considerations needs to be given to thermal shaft expansion too.

  • Shear pin couplings: Shear pin gear couplings are used for applications that involve the risk of clogging or overrunning. These couplings involve a pin in the coupling that breaks and makes the equipment stop working in such case. This helps in avoiding any damage caused to the machine by dangerous high loads.

  • Continuous Sleeve Gear Couplings: These are the gear couplings, mostly made of copper or nylon, having shaft ends joined and abutted before enclosing them in a sleeve.

Remember, choosing the right gear coupling at the gear coupling manufacturer and suppliers near meis an important task for the optimum working of your machinery.

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