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July 25, 2022

Double acting hydraulic cylinders: Usage and applications

Cylinders are used for converting energy into linear motion with the help of compressed air or hydraulic fluid. In processes where serious heavy duty moving and lifting is required, hydraulic cylinders are the go-to option because of their powerful and tremendous holding strength. There are two types of hydraulic cylinders that are most commonly used:

  • Single acting cylinders
  • Double acting hydraulic cylinders

There is no better choice between the two making a person wonder whether to look for a single acting or a double acting hydraulic cylinder suppliers near me. Rather both have their own applications and uses making them one ideal for some processes than the other. Here in this article, we will discuss about double acting hydraulic cylinders, how they work and the different applications where they are used.

What are double acting hydraulic cylinders?

Double acting hydraulic cylinders are capable of exerting pressure on alternative sides of the position. This helps in achieving both retraction and outward movements with the help of cylinder’s own pressure without any external help from another external power source. This cylinder helps in returning the piston to its original position or for application of alternating force on both the cylinder sides such as that needed in operating crankshaft.

Advantages of using Double acting hydraulic cylinders

There are several advantages of using this cylinder, making them the perfect choice next time when you look for double acting hydraulic cylinder supplier near me.

  • Huge range of applications in different potential fields
  • Precise and defined stroke measurements
  • Accurate repetitiveness
  • Controlled pace of acceleration
  • Reliable and rugged
  • Usage of less hydraulic fluid
  • Saves energy due to the return of the piston to the original starting point
  • Since these are most commonly used hydraulic cylinders in industries, there is a good stock availability with the double acting hydraulic cylinder supplier near me.

Usage and Application

These cylinders are most commonly used in applications where there is non availability of an external power source for retracting the piston. These include:

  • Large scale engines like shipping motors
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Lift shafts
  • Digging machines
  • Steering mechanisms and several others.


Whether one needs a double acting or a single acting hydraulic cylinder , this decision finally boils down to one thing- control. It is in terms of controlling the precision required during the exertion of force in the hydraulic system. If you require exertion of a large force for moving the load in one direction such as that required in heavy lifting applications, single acting cylinders are more than enough. However, if there is a need to direct load in two different directions or get greater flexibility on the cylinder movements, double acting cylinders are the ones to choose. They give better control. You only need to remember that the decision of choosing which cylinder is right for your application depends on what work you need to accomplish with that. Single direction movements can be done with the help of single acting cylinders while movements in two directions under power requires double acting cylinders.

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