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May 16, 2022

Crowned Gear Coupling

Couplings are devices that are used in machines to connect two or more components with each other. They are vital parts of a machine as they are used to connect key components and transfer force from one component to the other. Gear couplings are specifically used to join two shafts of a machine. Gear coupling transmits the torque generated by one shaft to the other shafts that are maintained in non-linear position. In gear couplings there are two flexible joints. One joint is fixed with one shaft and they are connected with a spindle or another shaft or third shaft. The most important part of any gear coupling is its hub that is an external gear with crowned teeth. These teeth of the coupling attached with the hub rotates to transfer the torque between the shafts that are attached with the gear coupling.

Apart from exchanging the torque, gear couplings also adjust the misalignments of the components. Conventionally gear couplings fall in the category of flexible couplings. However, according to the need of the system, half flexible and half rigid couplings are also used. There are also gear couplings that are completely rigid. This type of rigid couplings is used to connect shafts that are completely aligned to each other. A typical crowned gear coupling has its teeth in a conical shape that are aligned at right angle.

Crowned gear coupling is the most commonly used component for connecting different equipment of a machine or mechanical system. Crowned gear coupling is preferred over other types of couplings for many reasons. Advantages of this gear coupling include simple to moderate misalignment adjustment, capability to handle very high torque and of course great torsional stiffness. The high torque density and use of hardened steel ensure exceptional performance of these gear couplings. But for reliable performance and long life of any gear coupling you have to select the right coupling, install them properly and do regular maintenance. If the fundamentals are ignored while designing, selecting and installing the crowned gear couplings advantages of the gear couplings cannot be used.

Therefore, while selecting the crowned gear coupling for your system it is always necessary to keep these factors in mind. Always take proper specifications like service factor or SF from the original equipment manufacturer. Choose higher torque capacity than actually required for better performance. The couplings must have greater bore capacity than the shaft size. While installing make sure that the gear couplings are properly balanced for better performance.