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September 12, 2022

Choosing the right Rolling Mills Cardan shaft

While choosing the right rolling mills cardan shaft, there are several factors that need to be kept in mind such as the load size, speed of the transmission, accuracy of the installation of the two connecting parts, the rotation stability, and the price. The type of coupling is selected as per the other characteristics of the couplings.

How to select the right cardan shaft?

There are some factors that need to be kept in mind when choosing the right rolling mills cardan shaft. These are:

  • Due to several factors like temperature change, load deformation, manufacturing, and installation, it becomes very difficult to keep the shafts in an accurate alignment after the installation. There is bound to be some displacement. A sliding coupling is selected in cases where radial displacement is large. Universal shafts are used for connecting two axes with large angular intersection or displacement. Flexible couplings are selected in cases where a large additional relative displacement is produced by the two shafts during the working process.

  • The centrifugal force caused by the working speed of the coupling needs to be also taken into account. Couplings with high balance precision should be chosen for high speed transmission shafts. These include diaphragm couplings and others. There are others like eccentric slider couplings that should be avoided in such cases.

  • The nature and size of the torque that needs to be transmitted and the additional requirements for the buffering vibration function are also important factors. For example, if your process requires heavy duty transmission with high power, you need to select gear couplings. Tire couplings should be selected in cases where a severe impact load needs to be transmitted so as to eliminate the torsional vibration of the shaft system.

Basic Steps while selecting the shafts

Rolling mills cardan shafts need to be chosen as per the following steps:

  • The nature and size of the torque that needs to be transmitted and the requirements for the damping function and buffering are also required to make the right choice. For example gear couplings are chosen in cases where heavy duty transmission is required.
  • The direction and magnitude of the relative displacement between the two axes should also be kept in mind.
  • The working environment and reliability of the rolling mills cardan shaft also play an important part. Usually, universal couplings made of metal without lubrication are quite reliable. However, the coupling performance is affected by the lubrication perfection, thus polluting the environment. Couplings that contain non metallic elements like rubber are highly sensitive to corrosive medium, light and temperature.
  • For a satisfying performance, couplings with a convenient disassembly and installation process along with low cost and simple maintenance should be selected. For example rigid couplings are not just simple in structure but are also convenient in installation and disassembly.

Rolling mills cardan shaft are available in different kinds and varieties. Choose the right one at your nearest rolling mills cardan shaft manufacturers for a smooth installation and working of your machine.

Rolling Mills Cardan Shaft

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