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August 27, 2022


Cardan shafts can be essentially defined as a coupling whose sole purpose is to connect two machines- one being the stationery one and the other machine being the driven one. They are considered to be the bearers of torque- subjected to sheer stress and torsion. Thus, they should be strong enough so as to bear the stress of the process while avoiding any too much additional weight that would cause an increase in their inertia. In order to allow the variations in the distance and alignment of the components, cardan shafts frequently incorporate universal joints, rag joints, jaw couplings, or other type of joints depending upon the process.

Different types of Cardan shafts

Not all the cardan shafts are same as another. There are different cardan shafts available for the construction of vehicles, test benches, paper machines, rolling mills, pumps etc and the list is endless. There are some cardan shafts that have been designed for some of the most severe loads and some others that have been designed for carrying out highest precision processes such as aircraft flaps. There are some processes where a low temperature version of the cardan shaft can be used whereas some applications require cardan shafts that can operate at high temperatures. There are different structures and models of cardan shafts available in the market. Choose the right one as per the correct understanding of their types, varieties, and specifications regarding the transmission system. 

Advantages of Cardan shafts

There are several advantages of using cardan shaft for the paper mill process. These can be listed as follows: 

  • Easily available in the market
  • Compensates the length
  • Has a high torque capacity. There are different types of cardan shafts available that can be chosen for different torque requirements.
  • Has a long bearing life with regular maintenance
  • Helps in adjusting angular misalignment
  • Cardan shafts are considered to be more durable that any other shafts of its same class. This helps in lowering the cost of repairs and maintenance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • The cardan shaft for paper mill has an easy installation and disassembly process.

Cardan shaft applications

Cardan shaft are used for various industrial applications. They are one of the most widely used and installed transmission components. They are used in several industries such as :

  • Rolling mill equipment
  • Four roll calendar machines
  • Aluminium sheet mills
  • Pipe straightener machines
  • Steel rolling equipment
  • Oil drilling equipment
  • Rubber and plastic cement equipment
  • Wind power equipment and many other industries

Traditionally, cardan shafts are designment for working in tight spaces. With the increasing technological advances, cardan shafts for paper mill are becoming safer, faster and a cost effective way of achieving the right alignments. They need to be replaced after a certain usage time, but this replacement is more of an investment that helps in an efficient and safe running of your machine rather than being an expense. Though cardan shaft alignments proved to be complex and intimidating at one time, there is a range of new equipment available in the market that prevents you from a lot of headache with a minimal dent in your maintenance budget.

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